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I’ve been a graphic designer for many, many years. I started using Photoshop when it was Photoshop 1.0 and it was brilliant at the time but very basic. You had to rent a Quantel Paintbox to do anything photographic, remember them, they cost a fortune and weren’t that good by today’s standards. I’ve used Photoshop on a day to day basis ever since.

I don’t think anyone can be true expert, there is always something new to learn. But I am very comfortable using it as an artistic tool. Along side my artistic works in traditional mediums I have developed techniques and styles within Photoshop over several years. As a digital artist people look at my prints and say “how is this done”. At first glance they look like watercolour or acrylic, not digital, but there is something else there, there has to be or what’s the point. Digital painting allows you to make brushes that blow your mind. Paint in layers that you can adjust to your hearts content. You can paint UNDERNEATH what has already been painted for Gods sake and click Command-z if you are not happy.

But telling people they’re digital gets a mixed reaction in more ‘traditional’ art settings. They think you’re cheating in some way, pushing a button and applying a filter, believe me I spend as much time on these images as any oil painting. Sometimes longer, the ability to go back, and endlessly fiddle and adjust does have its draw backs.

For years I’ve been producing limited edition prints, people say ‘I’d like to buy the original’, but there isn’t one … until now.

NFTs – it’s a revelation.

And now I am set to move into the future as a digital artist, able to unleash the digital skills which have had to be reined in due to technical limitations and peoples expectations. The metaverse offers us some very exciting possibilities and I am sure there are things coming soon we can’t conceive of now.

My creative passion has always been in portraiture and I like to think my images capture ordinary people, the character and also, if possible, tell a story. See may latest work on the projects page.

If you have any questions please get in touch.