The Bear Went Over the Mountain – Children’s Book

“The Bear Went Over The Mountain” by John Tams and Andy Mayers, explores and encourages the gentle but threatened art of freestyle storytelling.

The Book Aimed at 5-plus years – over 2 books.

Book One

The Wordbook – the story – in a version. What follows, having read The Wordbook and set aside, out of reach, is up to the Storyteller – remember – forget – improve – improvise – take ownership – in a freestyle telling led by the page-turner of (Book Two) – the listener.

Book Two

The Picture Book – urging the teller to dance around the images creating their own unique story.Scan the QR codes included through the book on your smart phone or tablet and listen, sing along or dance.

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Picture book design uses Bothe my artistic skills and my design skills, I’ve produced many books through my career, but this level of illustration was a first for me. If you would like to discuss a project, please contact me.